Op zoek naar mooi beeldmateriaal van je bedrijf, op een manier die jou als ondernemer zo min mogelijk tijd kost? Dan is #dayinthebusiness iets voor jou!



Hieronder vind je een aantal verschillende pakketten. Maar een ander aantal uren is ook mogelijk. Neem contact met me op over je wensen en ik maak een voorstel op maat. De vermelde prijzen zijn exclusief BTW en inclusief reiskosten.

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Meer uren zijn ook mogelijk. Neem contact op voor een voorstel op maat.




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What is the location of the studio?

The location of the studio is indoor in Windmills of your Mind, Whitefield. For outdoor shoots, there are natural and green areas in this area, not accessible to public, which are reasonably private.

What should I wear for a Corporate Headshot?

The million-dollar question! I have created a Guidebook on how to select the right kind of necklines, sleeves, accessories for women and coordinating neckties with shirts and suits. Other dos and don't that guarantee the quickest way to look presentable in photographs are included. Also, I get onboard giving a second opinion on wardrobe pieces you may have shortlisted and Whatsapped to me. There is no need to go shopping, although that's great reason to wear those clothes to work afterwards too.

How long will the session last?

Typically sessions take an hour. My studio will be perfectly ready for your session in the order you will wear your clothes and the backdrop I will shoot, in addition to the props required, bottled water, etc. Relax and enjoy the photosession - it will show in the photographs.

How many pictures do you take? Do I get to see them all?

I take many, many pictures. I plan the session to give you 5 very different photographs. When I prepare your gallery, I narrow them down to the very best ones. And you will get at least 4-5 extras that are fully retouched to choose from. You will not see blinking shots, outtakes, unedited proofs, or 10 of the same shot.

How much do Corporate Headshots cost? What is your pricing?

Please refer to my Corporate Headshots package. Prices are transparent and listed openly in fairness to one and all.

Do you have a makeup artist and hairstylist?

Short answer, no. Everyday makeup is enough. For hair, it may be a good idea to get it done at a salon prior to the session or do it yourself. With regards to makeup, I'd highly recommend not to go to makeup artist unless it is someone who can do a fresh and "no-makeup look".

How do I find the best photographer in Bangalore for my needs?

A good starting point would be to see the portfolio and style of a photographer. Aesthetics and sensibilities widely range. Budget is also a consideration. Thirdly, the comfort level that you have with a photographer will determine the end result too.

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